Terminology DatabaseEdit


  • Animated: A object that is moving due to Paranormal influence.
    Also see: Sway


  • Essence: The way something really is. This is true form of the Paranormal entity.
    Also see: Manafestion


  • Free-Floating: A object that can fly through walls and other objects.
  • Focused: A Paranormal entity that can not leave a area.
  • Full-Torso: The entity has a somewhat Full body from the waist up. Usually these don't have legs and can hover.


  • Manafestion: The way a person or object presents itself. This involves Paranormal influence.
    Also see: Essence


  • Repeater: A entity which comes from a source. Removal of the entity may cause the source to make more of the same entity.


  • Sway: A object that has be manipulated by a Paranormal influence.
    Also see: Animated

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